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Hi y'all

i am having 2 problems with my kontakt libraris thru native acces

first problem

Piano colors stops at 17.66 gig and it says download failed, i also have this problem on my laptop. Both computer and laptop are having enought space for downloading and installation !!!


second problem

My computer works fine, it had 3 hard-drives (B, C & D station)

B hard drive did not work well anymore (i don't know why), computer was giving error message the hard drive was damaged and i need to backup and replace

Most of my kontakt libraries where installed there.. but i couldn't do anything because the hard drive did not work well and it was dissapearing so i shutted down my pc and unplugped the cables from hard-drive B.

Computer works fine but i need to install the libraries again, when i do install its downloading and before the installing ends it says download failed could not uninstall the previous version.

I am afraid i need to install my pc from zero again..

Anybody had this experience ??

Help would be welcome, thanks

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