How to delete presets after uninstalling plugin??

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I had a trial version of the Flanger BL-20 plugin by arturia. The trial was over so I uninstalled the plugin. The presets are still showing up though in the library broswer in maschine. I did a rescan on all the plugins hoping it would see that its gone but they are still showing up. If I select one of the presets the following error dialog is displayed:

Does anybody know how to get rid of the presets for uninstalled plugins so they don't display in the library browser anymore? Thanks!

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  • bzyboy
    bzyboy Member Posts: 60 Helper
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    Ok I copied the komplete.db3 file to a different location and deleted it from the maschine2 folder and restarted and that seemed to do the trick! I've poked around a bit and don't seem to notice anything else that needs addressing, but I'll keep the original file just in case! Thanks to both of you for the help.


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