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I am an 'older gentleman' with this Kawai K1ii keyboard. It's pristine and basically has never been used. I got the bright idea that since it isn't 1989 any more and softwares have improved, it may be easier to use now instead of with that horrible sequencer I suffered with over 30 years ago. I invested in a Roland midi interface um-one and didn't get far. So, I invested in a Tascam audio interface 208i. I am brand new to Native Instruments and got the set of freebie stuff to use with Reaper - which I also have no idea yet how to navigate too well.

So after all of my tinkering so far, I finally got SOMETHING to make a noise via midi from the keyboard that responds on the PC as I depress the keys. But it doesn't seem to be doing as much as I hoped. I'm not getting Kontact to work, but I did get something from Kontrol.

I am wondering since the videos on line can only be general use and I have specific stuff is there anyone who I can have teach me the basics of how to get up and going in order to learn? You'd have to have knowledge of adding an antiquated keyboard with all this new stuff. But is there someone who has the patience to show some old fool some new tricks? Once I get the theory of how to 'think' about the connectivity, I should be able to begin to play around and see what I can manage.


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    Your request is rather broad in nature, and without specific questions would be very hard to accomplish and beyond the scope of this forum. It might also require "In Person" or "Remote Connectivity" interaction as we can't "See" what you see...Might be worth divulging your approximate location in the world and see if anyone might be "Nearby" that would be willing to assist.

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    Pretty tricky to provide assistance on connectivity and workflow without being actually in the studio side by side tbh.

    If you got the freebies from Komplete Start, maybe this can help you out:

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    Thanks Blindeddie and Nico_NI for your responses. Since I posted I've acquired Komplete 13 Ultimate and of course I haven't got too much further due to my newbie ignorance and due to my particular set up, I would need a tutor of some sort. Even just to set things up to function in order to simply use them. I looked at the lesson Nico suggested. Integrating Kontact 6 with Reaper as a sequencer would be nice to accomplish. I've attempted to, but have not had success. Where do new students glean knowledge these days for individual needs rather than YouTube based general or sophisticated videos?

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    Have you tried your local Guitar Center - if you have one...?

    The give keyboard lessons - and they do sell the NI stuff...

    Might be worth it to give them a call and see what they have to say.

    Otherwise, Craigslist...?

    Call other places that sell keyboards...?

    Wishing you luck!

  • Auxteur
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    Thank you, G.B.

    I took your suggestion, which of course led me to a purchase of a Machine MK3.

    And as you'd expect, not getting very far with that either. I'm frustrated that NI doesn't have phone support. It takes a day or two to get an answer (IF they even pay attention to specifics of inquiries). I could use a person to sound off questions to.

    Beginner videos via YouTube etc. aren't really beginner, they assume one knows what a scene and a pattern is. I'm not so dumb that I can't comprehend what they are, but I'd like even MORE of a basic tour. The basic 'scope' of the set up and what one can do with such an environment before I start creating or using.

    That way I would have a foundation to build on rather than haphazardly learning one trick here and another there only to bang my head on the wall wishing I'd known that trick way back when. I guess I'm seeing a need that hasn't been filled as far as I can tell. Most users have some musicianship previously or experience with DAWs and such.

    I'll get there. Just not this week. : \

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