Missing hundreds of plugins in Native Access

moai Member Posts: 25 Newcomer

Out of nowere today I was unable to edit a project where I used Kontakt because it's now running in demo mode. I have opened Native Access (the newest version) and saw that over 200 instruments have disappeared from my account.

I can see the serials and everything I purchased on the NI website, but not on the Native Access app, has someone the same issue?


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  • moai
    moai Member Posts: 25 Newcomer
    Answer βœ“

    @JesterMgee I meant my installed one was newer than the one I was trying to install. After some trial and error I have downgraded to Native Access 1, verified everything was there again, and updated to Native Access 2. I don't understand what happened, but seems I can work again πŸ˜…


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