Traktor Key not writting to file

I am attempting to use both musical key and open key in traktor by writting the musical key to the file then displaying the text. The issue is for some reason even thought I have the settings enabled to write the musical key to the file doesnt always write it when analysed. Here are my settings.

Any idea why its not writing to the file?



  • Sunborn
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    As you can see in your image, every file without a key note tag, also has a Traktor icon at the beginning (before track name). This, indicates a NI Factory sound, which is probably read-only (or locked), thus you can not write tags in it. :-)

    If it is absolutely necessary to you to see tags on those files too, move them temporarily to another location (such as your music folder), select them all, right-click and select "Properties" and un-tick the "read-only". Then, open Traktor and analyze them. Now you should see your tags. Close Traktor and move the files to their default location.

    Note: This will work if the files are just read-only but, it probably not work if they are locked too.

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