Traktor Pro 3: Issue Loading on to stopped deck

Hi all!

I'm prepping for a show tomorrow, and just this week starting having a glitch: I have my setting to "loading only on to stopped decks", which I definitely want to keep ON. However, a few times this week I get the error "can't load onto playing deck" even when the deck is stopped. I've tried everything to get it to reset, but the only workaround is to turn OFF the option to let me load onto playing decks.

I'm on an M1 MacBook air. Anyone have this glitch or know workarounds? Never had it the first 5 months I was using the software. Just this past week, and apparently others have as well (I can't post a link but if you Google reddit "Decks locked and won't allow new songs to load" on Traktor Pro subreddit it'll come up).

Apparently NI hasn't given any feedback support, at least to this user in the reddit post.



  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 247 Pro

    This is a known issue for a while now.

    Only work-around is to de-activate "only load into stopped deck".

    Although you don't want to disable this option, it is better to de-activating the option instead of running into the issue during a gig.

  • DJDancinDave
    DJDancinDave Member Posts: 12 Newcomer

    thanks for the quick reply!

    Sounds like there's no plans to patch the issue. Does anyone have any idea what situations cause it, or is it totally random?

    Yeah I'll just make sure my mouse is handy and turn off the option if I happens during a gig. too bad! Stability is / was one of Traktor's biggest assets...

  • lord-carlos
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    Yeah, sadly it's a known bug. Luckely I only ran into it once while messing around at home.

    Iffy, but possible is to disable the setting. And in your controller mapping override the load to deck button to not do anything if a track is playing.

  • DJDancinDave
    DJDancinDave Member Posts: 12 Newcomer

    thanks, and I didn't know that was a possible controller mapping!

    I guess that would be setting the load deck button to do what it's supposed to, but add a condition that the deck be stopped? I'll play aroudn with that sounds like a great work around!

  • Krump Cakes
    Krump Cakes Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    HAHAHA Happens on windows version also, completely locks deck. My solution was to.. be better xD Good to know I can make a mapping to disable load button while track playing but MEH one more thing I have to get accustomed to. not to mention the wasted few days it would take to dig through this multi thousand line mapping.

  • Prune
    Prune Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    First time getting this issue.

    I recorded a video... just in case it's needed.

    I tried changing the deck to stems or external and back, nothing changed.

    I tried turning off the feature then on again, but problem is still there... so I had to disable it for good...

    This kind of issue should be pretty easy to fix... what’s happening NI ?

    Now I won't be able to drink alcool on my next gig just to be sure I don't stop a running deck...

  • Prune
    Prune Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    funny thing is that even if Traktor thinks a deck is still running and prevent you tou load a new track, it does not show the "decks are running are you sure you want to quit" message...

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,270 Expert

    I've got the feeling that what is actually happening is a miniscule level of stepless tempobend that is active, even if the deck is not playing. So the deck is not actually 'playing' (like when slowly turning the jogwheel in either direction), but IS considered blocked for loading (if so enabled) because there is at least some movement.

    I imagine a solution would be to set tempobend values to zero directly when stopping a deck, combining both functions into a single button press.

    If i am right, that is.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,552 Expert

    All of smithsarah comment are just ChatGPT generated. Please bann.

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