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Where is the French forum ? It's finish ?



  • Matt_NI
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    Our new community is in English only for now. 

    We'll be checking if a lot of folks are interested in having international areas again but it did look like a lot of the areas we had were only used by a handful of users. 

    I'll encourage other French to post here if they would like to see this available again 🙌

  • Boursignon Grégoire
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    Hi guys! I'm new here and when i found the old french forum i almost had tears in my eyes. 😭 Emotional lift when i saw it was closed...

    Difficult to learn alone for 4 years. All content is in English (except some very interesting native instrument videos). 😘

    I have a good foundation in English but the technical language of music in addition to the technical English language does not make the discovery of this magical world obvious. 😫

    A Native Instrument forum reserved for French people would be REALY REALY REEEAAALY ROYYYYAAAL... 😍🤩🙏

    Hoping that you will understand the point of view of a novice nevertheless fond of music eager to learn.🤗

    Sorry if there are mistakes, i am writing to you from a translator... 🤭

  • cantalien
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    Je suis d’accord avec toi.

    cependant, ce post est pour les francophones. Il n’est malheureusement encore pas connu mais tu peux déjà t’exprimer en français.

  • Boursignon Grégoire
    Boursignon Grégoire Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Oui bien sur 😉

    C'était un petit message histoire de faire passer mon intention au modérateur.

    J'ai invité d'autre francophones à venir rejoindre cette page en espérant attirer du monde et potentiellement obtenir gain de cause ☺️

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