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Eric Mendes
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My question is this, why has NI upgraded to a 25/37 key controller that has both pads and keys similar to vendors like AKAI, M-Audio, Arturia or Novation. I've a longtime user of NI products, but I baffled as to why NI is behind it's competitors in this area. Take the M32 and add 16 pads or add keys to the Maschine Mikro MK3 and there you have it. Compatibility would definitely not be a problem. Yes, I can trigger Expansion Kits on the M32 via settings in the Maschine Software, but keys don't have the same feel as pads. A couple of days ago I was in a coffee shop and wanted to work on a beat, I had to setup both the M32/Mikro MK3...it annoyed me because knowing that NI in my eyes is the powerhouse above them all, but then it hit me...NI doesn't have what their competitors do in a single unit having both keys/pads. I, as well as others don't want to use another product, we want NI and only NI. Seriously make this happen NI, it's well beyond overdue. By the way, don't go crazy with pricing either. Thanks in advance.


  • jorgefriasny
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    I agree, an M32 with pads and a screen would be awesome, however if would impact the price significantly. I'd pay for a compact midi like the m32 with premium features. I have an Komplete Kontrol s61 MKII and most of the time just use my m32 to save desk space.

  • JesterMgee
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    It’s always been known that pads on most keyboards are pretty terrible and KK is not trying to compete directly with these “all in one” solutions, it’s point is to offer integration with instruments, browsing and control while still being simple to use and uncluttered. it does all these things better than any other option out there so it is a winner in these areas.

  • ozon
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    NI could use the Maschine Pad section, no need to use something different or go cheap.

    If Kontakt is the main target software for the new KK (as it seems), then it should have Pads and at least on XY touchpad, as many Kontakt instruments are either for percussion or offer an XY control as main sound design tool.

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