Native Access will drop support for Catalina

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Hi everyone, PM of Native Access here.

Mac does not support MacOS X 10.15 (Catalina) anymore for some time now, and as such, our company is moving forward as well. Native Access’ next full release (3.6.0) will not work on Catalina and below, which also means that the current versions of our products require a minimum of MacOS X 11.

So what does this mean?

Our utmost commitment to our customers is to allow you to download and activate your products, and as such Native Access will release a pit stop version (3.5.3) that will not update for users adamant on staying on 10.15, which will be available to download here. Because Native Access only shows you products and the versions of your product that are compatible on your OS, you may not see all of your products in your Library, or receive updates. 3.5.3 will not receive updates or maintenance, and future improvements of the main product might affect services available in the older versions, which we will not patch.

However, for MacOS 11 users, you will not be able to install from the Komplete 12 (Ultimate) HDDs, as well as previous HDDs anymore moving forward. If you plug those hard drives in, Native Access will download, install and activate the latest available library version instead.

Native Access always strives to be out the door first with support for newer operating systems, and we also strive to make sure all products have moved on from older operating systems before we cut support for those. Thank you for your understanding.


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    Some handy related info...

    macOS 11 (Big Sur) supports Mac computers going back to around 2013-14, the specific list is here:

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    Excited to see NA continue on its path of improved user experience.

    I believe the most recent NA DevTalks update indicated that next full release will include an Uninstall option for some products... that will be really convenient for many users.

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    indeed, apple stopped the support for Catalina. Yet, so many people around the world use it. I do and for my own particular reasons. If you purchased the full very expensive Waves v10, you should not move to OS 11. Cost is one reason. Similarly for those of us who invested serious $ in the Komplete Collectors edition, perhaps some respectful notice on behalf of those users who can't move to OS 11, notice would have been great. Now where is NA 3.5.3? no link here...
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