Traktor pro 3 Audio Interface w. DVS feature

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I've been using Traktor more than a decade with Traktor Audio 10 (previously AUDIO 8 DJ), and now I feel that maybe now is the time to switch to another audio interface since the one I use now is not new, and the sound quality is not up to date (I am not dissing Audio 10. Been using it for 10 years already, so it stands to reason it's not the latest technology)

So, I am now thinking about to buy new multi channel audio interface based on the information of Scratch for all, and wondering which one would make best result. (RME? MOTU? Or something else?)

  • Does anybody use audio interface except NI with DVS? Then which one?
  • Does anyone know the audio interface requirements for using DVS with Traktor Pro 3? I am wondering if it is possible to connect the Phono from an analog turntable to the line of an audio interface without any problems. (I would think it would be impossible under normal circumstances...)




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    Pro 3 enables DVS on any external audio interface. Just a small heads up.

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    Friendly additional note: When it haves a Phono Pre-Amp, or your Turntables a Line-Out.

    Actually on the market are:

    • Reloop - Flux
    • Pioneer DJ - Interface 2

    @ateee May I ask you why you think the sound quality of a Audio10 is no longer good enough for you?

    (Digital not Analog / e.g. I don't like the Phono Pre Amps for real Vinyl on my Audio6 and Audio10)

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    Out of curiosity, what is 'Scratch for all' ?

    The only modern DVS focused interface I know of is the Reloop Flux (which only exists in response to Rane's DVS interface line dying), it's meant for Serato but works fine in Traktor Pro according to a few users, thread here. The Audio tech specs are nearly identical to me, -+ 4 or 5 db in noise, dynamic range, etc... And slight differences in impedance. IMHO the Flux is more modern, has an internal Hub, simpler design, USB-C, on the other hand the TA-10 has more IO, MIDI, MIC Input, Headphone out, etc...

    I doubt anyone would notice a significant difference in the tech/sound of the Outputs of a modern interface VS an Audio 10, especially when playing songs in lossy formats such as .MP3.

    RME, MOTU, and the other common mid-level interfaces don't usually offer DJ-friendly interfaces both in features aswell as design, they are focused on a recording (lower noise, higher dynamic range, quality pre-amps, converters, etc...) so your money would be spent on a lot of things you don't need unless you're after an interface that doubles for DJ'ing and recording. Maybe for DJ'ing the lower latency of custom drivers those brands have could be a benefit, not sure if it would justify an 800$ RME tho...

    Also, connecting Phono Out's to Line-level IN's is generally a bad idea = due to level ( and noise?); it might technically work but then add vinyl wear noise and dust collection in needles and it seems kind of risky to me. If you go all out and buy converters and cables then it's just more stuff to carry around.

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    You won't be able to record your mixes internally with an Interface 2.

    Just an FYI.

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    God point! I would prefer also in many decisions the Reloop Flux over Interface 2.

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    Thank you very much for the answers!!! I am so glad to get so many answers :)

    Seems there's only Reloop after all. Personally, I don't know about recent years, but I have a strong impression of the cheapness of the old Reloop products, and I don't think very highly of Reloop. I forgot to mention at the beginning that I never use mp3s with Traktor, I use AIFF or WAV (including high-resolution sources). And I use Mastersounds Four Valve mixer, so I am rather high quality sound oriented. So why on earth am I using Traktor? The main reasons are that it is difficult to carry around 3 hours worth of vinyl records and that the sound is not always good. (If don't use good cartridge and a good Phono amp, won't get the HiFi sound that so-called analog believers are aiming for)

    So, the options would may be any of the following.

    1. Use RELOOP
    2. Prepare a separate Phono EQ (AMP) and use the AUDIO I/O I like the sound of
    3. Use a LINE signal with a CDJ and use the AUDIO I/O I like the sound of
    4. Use PHASE DJ to use the AUDIO I/O I like the sound of

    Not that it matters, but I don't see anyone using PHASE at all, except for battle-oriented DJs who scratch and bead-juggle. LOL!

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