Reloop Flux and Traktor Pro

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My peps......

There is something finally here:

Reloop Flux - Reloop

Lets discuss...............

Please full integration with traktor will be nice 😁



  • lord-carlos
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    Mojaxxx said it works with traktor. Somewhere in here:

    What do you mean with full integration? It's just a soundcard, no? If you can address all ins and outs it's gucci 👜 ?

  • PZZO
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    Yeah, this should just work once you set the input and output routing in the Traktor settings.

    I use a Traktor Scratch A6 right now, and - while I've worked out its kinks over many years - it's not perfect, and I am dubious that NI provides any long-term support (considering it hasn't seen a driver update since 2018).

    The Reloop Flux is a 6x6 interface, so it goes head-to-head against the A6. There are some pretty thoughtful improvements which feels like it was truly designed for someone who uses DVS in 2023: the dedicated buttons for direct thru, built-in USB hub, USB-C connectivity. Serato DVS compatible (not that I'd abandon Traktor, but nice that it's included at least).

    I've already backordered one, so I'm pretty excited to see how well it performs.

  • LatinoStud
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    Let me know how you go with this new FLUX interface and TRAKTOR, I will order one as well!

  • djsubculture
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    I currently have the Reloop Flux working perfectly with TP3 with DVS.

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