Reloop Flux and Traktor Pro

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My peps......

There is something finally here:

Reloop Flux - Reloop

Lets discuss...............

Please full integration with traktor will be nice 😁



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    Mojaxxx said it works with traktor. Somewhere in here:

    What do you mean with full integration? It's just a soundcard, no? If you can address all ins and outs it's gucci 👜 ?

  • PZZO
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    Yeah, this should just work once you set the input and output routing in the Traktor settings.

    I use a Traktor Scratch A6 right now, and - while I've worked out its kinks over many years - it's not perfect, and I am dubious that NI provides any long-term support (considering it hasn't seen a driver update since 2018).

    The Reloop Flux is a 6x6 interface, so it goes head-to-head against the A6. There are some pretty thoughtful improvements which feels like it was truly designed for someone who uses DVS in 2023: the dedicated buttons for direct thru, built-in USB hub, USB-C connectivity. Serato DVS compatible (not that I'd abandon Traktor, but nice that it's included at least).

    I've already backordered one, so I'm pretty excited to see how well it performs.

  • LatinoStud
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    Let me know how you go with this new FLUX interface and TRAKTOR, I will order one as well!

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    I currently have the Reloop Flux working perfectly with TP3 with DVS.

  • thefunkyboulevards
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    Im using my Rane SL3 with traktor pro 3, 2 turntables, one X1,F1 and also Z1 (all in internal mode) and works flawlessly.

    I think i will invest in one Reloop Flux because:

    1- I need use my old macbook white 2010 (intel computer) in order to make the SL3 works. This is not a great computer and some times dont run veeery well.

    2- The SL3 in 48.000hz when the newer soundcards (includind the z1) are 96.000hz. This is a good upgrade.

    3- I think the reloop flux have a better and optimized Thru mode, because is made for the new generation of djs.

    4- Fully updated to work with the M1/M2 generation of mac computers.

  • thefunkyboulevards
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    One question. Have you used the THRU mode with the Reloop Flux and TP3?

    How you made this work? With my rane SL3, i canot make (i think old hardware limitations). If i use the Phono on the soundcard, TP3 show me one error saying my signal is too strong. So i need use the LINE mode. The signal is low, but it works.

    I wanna see this point first, before buy the Reloop Flux.

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    I will certainly buy a Reloop Flux sound card in the next few days and will be happy to report back here. But I'm firmly convinced that the design and the technical interior levels will convince.

    What do you mean exactly with the Thru function? I had only once observed the phenomenon that a phono signal arrived "too hot" in Traktor. That was with the DJM 750 MKI from Pioneer. I would never have noticed that with a Rane SL 3 or SL 4.

    What turntable do you use and what needles do you use?

  • djsubculture
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    I haven't used the thru mode. At least not with the Reloop Flux.

    I prefer to use the live input in TP3 so I still have access to all the efx.

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    I got my Reloop Flux two days ago and so far I'm very happy with it. No drivers are required for Mac, the card is recognized immediately. The phono pre amp is also good to very good. I would even recommend it for digitizing vinyl. Only a barely noticeable latency when scratching whit DVS and very accurate.

    I already have the advantage over an Audio 6, because I don't like the sound there with the thru function, it sounds a bit "muffled" to me. With the Reloop Flux it's much easier to put on a vinyl record in between, because i just have to press the button instead of changing something in the utility. So i don't need the multicore cables to route the signal directly to the phono channel of my mixer. Less cabling and easier handling.

    A hub is also integrated, where i can attach two other USB devices. In my case that would be a X1 and and sometimes a F1. Both work great over the hub.

    The construction is also rock solid and everything is generally well made. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth the investment. It will definitely replace the Audio 6 in my dj backpack.


    I give only minus points for the fact that you can only connect one laptop to it and not two. I would have gladly paid a little more for this feature.

    The cables supplied are very short and appear to be of poor quality.

  • PZZO
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    Finally got mine! First impressions:

    • The USB hub is awesome. Was able to free up two extra USB inputs that I was using for a Kontrol X1 and a mixing console (for livestreaming).
    • Wasn't expecting this, but the sound output is WAY better than the Audio 6 - to the point where I'm actually disappointed I was enduring this poor sound quality all these years. It's louder by about +6dB, and much cleaner around the mids and highs. Others mentioned this with the thru function, but I think it goes beyond that: even running DVS, the output is cleaner. I think they must be using better quality DACs or something.
    • Latency performance on the FLUX is about the same for me, on Windows: about 10ms before the sound quality deteriorates. The Audio 6 gives you more options to tweak: there's no ASIO drivers on the FLUX, and the buffer size can only go down to 384 (rather than 256 on the Audio 6). In theory, you could get better latency on the Audio 6, but I'm happy with where I got it to with the FLUX.
    • DIrect Thru buttons are nice, but Traktor's software kinda makes this unusable. The sound outputs okay when it's on, but Traktor tries to read normal vinyl like DVS and the software glitches out. My workaround is I bind a key to switch the deck to Live Input so it wouldn't break the software, but ideally it should disable the deck when the Direct Thru switch is on. I also had this problem in the past with other USB audio interface (like the Xone:96) - maybe I'll file a bug with NI to fix this someday.

    Right now, the Audio 6 is $319 and the FLUX is $449. If you had to buy DVS right now, I highly recommend shelling out the extra money for the FLUX over the Audio 6. If you have an Audio 6 already that's serving you well, the upgrade is pretty small: I don't think spending $449 is worth the USB hub / better sound quality / enabling Serato.

    Hope that helps some people on their buying decisions!

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