Gets a prompt to save when opening Maschine as empty project

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I'm experiencing something that is frustrating me.

I set up Maschine to open an empty project at launch, and after it I want to choose the project to open using my MK3.

Unfortunately Maschine creates automatically a new Group and the project is flag as "Need to save" with the star after the "New Project" title, so when I open the project I want, I have this window opening "Do you want to save..." and I need to use my computer to click "Discard" everytime.

So two choices :

  • Don't flag a project as modified until we load something to a Sound or a Group.
  • Allow us to use Hardware to decide what to do.

Have a nice day.


  • D-One
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    Hum.... The Group is not the problem, you're doing something else that is triggering an "undo" state or some kind of change, if that happens Maschine assumes something was done and prompts to save/discard.

    If I just open a new project and press "Browser" and load something Maschine does not ask me anything, it just loads the project. Double-check what you're doing, on MacOS you can see what triggers a save state because a asterisk* will show in the topbar (should be similar on windows? not sure)

    Something as simple as pressing a Pad will trigger that.

    Even if you need to discard that should be possible from the HW with button 7, don't you get this menu:


  • ShelLuser
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    Are you using Maschine as a VST @Guitoune ?

    Normally this shouldn't matter but... I experienced the same thing within Live at one time as well. Until Ableton apparently changed stuff and after that things behaved as expected.

    So if you are using Maschine as VST you should contact the DAW devs about this first.

    Still... if this behavior also happens while running Maschine stand alone then someting else is not right. In that case I'd also look at the hardware for possible causes (try unhooking the controller, fire up the software and then: File => New). Then hook the controller back up and try again. If the behavior changes then... it could be a flakey rotary or something.

    Hope this could help!

  • Guitoune
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    Thanks for your reply,

    Something I think I wasn't clear about is that I set up Maschine in Preferences to not load the last Project, so it loads an empty project, maybe it changes.

    I use Maschine as Standalone @ShelLuser , I will try what you said.

    @D-One I will take time to see if something is changing after a load ( and yes I also have this asterisk on Windows )

    And I use a Mikro MK3, so I don't have this buttons to handle software unfortunately...

  • Johnny-123
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    I get this same problem. With or without a controller.

    Some projects always load with an asterisk next to the name so the Cancel/Discard/Save dialog appears. This is especially annoying when browsing with a controller because I have to finer my trackpad and click Discard. (No keyboard shortcuts for that.)

    It only seems to be a problem with with some libraries. For instance, Backyard Jams triggers the dialog, while Community 2021 does not.


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