Mapping midi Keyboard with the pads of Maschine studio

De Reu Stefaan
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Hey Native instruments,

I did create a group in the Maschine 2 software. I wish to make use of the sounds of a third party plugin called MODO drum from IK multimedia. So I did select the '+' toggle to select this instruments plugin into sound 1.

The result is that on my midi keyboard, I have the different sounds available of this plugin starting from C1. Ie. the kick is on C1, a clap is C#1, ... All the available sounds are reachable via my midi keyboard.

The problem is now that on my Maschine studio, the pads are starting from C3 it is a different starting point. I mean that the C3 on my midi keyboard is the same aas the C3 on my pads. But I with that my pads on Maschine studio also starts on C1 instead of starting on C3.

It is very technical but I hope you can help me.

best regards

Stefaan De Reu


  • LostInFoundation
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    You can simply lower the note played by the pads by lowering the octave. In pad mode it’s the first 2 buttons over the second screen

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