Does anyone still screenhack?

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I'd like to learn anything and everything about screenhacking, which is where you reprogram or mod the displays on MIDI gear. I've wanted to use my Maschine Mk3 screen with Traktor for years, but I know I won't get any official support for that, so I'm curious what y'all can help me with. I've seen and used them, but IDK how to go about "making" such a thing. TIA.


  • alec.tron
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    Then QML programming would be the start...

    Both S4 screenhacks are from people who (I assume) have/had a prior background in (QML) coding. So starting from scratch is going to be rather learning intensive...

    If you're really interested, you could start comparing the default QML files, with existing screenhacks, and see what has been added...

    Good luck.


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    The question is also: Is there qml code in the Maschine software for the MaschineMK3? Specifically, is there an identifier for the device that could be used in Traktor along with designations for all it's controls and outputs?

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    I don't know that any of these things are implemented. Are there any alternatives?

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