How To Route Kontakt Outputs To Maschine 2 Mixer Busses ?

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Hi together,

I just try to figur it out, but it seems not possible.


  1. I've a Drum library in Kontakt, where I set the outputs from 1-8 for each sound. Kick = out1, Snare = out2 and so on.
  2. Next step is to route the outputs of Kontakt to each Pad in Maschine. Done and it works.
  3. Now I need to route each pad to the mixer channels in Maschine 2 ... And that's where I struggle. No matter what I do, all pads are using mixer channel 1 instead of 1-8.

There is no problem with any VST, it works perfectly. But with Kontakt it seems different.

Kontakt: Output for Snare is set to St 2


Also tried to set channel 2 of Kontakt in the Mixer of Maschine, but still only channel 1 is playing the sound in Maschine.

Any ideas on this ?

EDIT: Well, I think I got it.

Best regards, Marcel

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