[Mapping] S4 Mk3 - Use deck C/D & top FX units as stem controls for deck A/B

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Remap the EQ and mixer FX for decks C&D to the stem volume controls for decks A&B, and the top FX units to the stem filter controls.

Should only override the default mapping if a stem deck is loaded on that side, and can be disabled/enabled using SHIFT+STEMS.

Inspired by the similar feature in VirtualDJ (just using the EQ for volume controls).


  • red_nick
    red_nick Member Posts: 91 Member

    Made an alternative mapping which I think I might prefer, as it lets you continue to use the top FX units.

    Seeing as you're less likely to want to use stem level controls and stem filters at the same time, with this new mapping press shift+filter button on the corresponding side to set that set of EQs +filter (deck C/D) to act as stem filter controls and enable stem filters. Press shift+filter again to disable this change, and the filters themselves.

    Also made the FX arrow indicators for decks C&D display the status of the mod: to one side mod enabled, to the other, filters also enabled. Seemed like the best place to display if you're not using those decks anyway (and unfortunately the filter light gets overridden if you change channel FX, so couldn't really use that).

    Works fine on stock and on top of Joe Easton's mod.

  • Stevan
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    Upload it at DJTT Midimaps section with the rest of S4 mappings so it is easier to find.

    Mapping posts like this got lost in a sea of Traktor issues in this forum. Thank you for sharing.

  • red_nick
    red_nick Member Posts: 91 Member

    Thanks, it's uploaded there now. Uploads weren't working last time I tried.

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