Traktor 3.9 (Official Release) on MacBook Pro M1 crash

J. Spencer
J. Spencer Member Posts: 13 Newcomer

I know that the there is the TRAKTOR Crashes help page with a few possible solutions, but I'm wondering what others have experienced with Traktor 3.9 on M1 (nor Pro/Max).

Overall, I've had a pretty solid experience with mine using the S4 MK3. In fact, I've rarely encountered issues, until this past Sunday when it just crashed to the desktop without warning. I was about 4.5 hours into an event when mid song it failed me. Of course, I lost my entire play history and any other library changes made during that session.

I've not tried the solutions from the KB though I suspect it could be a corrupt or missing audio file, but I don't know where to even begin to narrow that down. I wasn't loading anything at the time, though I might have been scrolling through my collection.

Just curious if others have found a specific culprit or have an easier way to track down the issue.

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