Every product prompts that the update has finished but the update didn't happen

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On my Windows 10 desktop cumputer some updates fail although nativ access gives the message „update… installed“

Any guess what I could do???

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    @benow With the type and amount of problems that you describe then I think that you need to contact the N.I. installation support , though I imagine that they will have to ask you to do all sorts of things before it having been fixed (maybe including a complete re-install) : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002705378

    I can try calling for Jeremy but I am afraid that he will come to same conclusion !

    @Jeremy_NI :

    Quote user :

    1. I think a least I've found the cause for the update running into nothing. Something has randomly messed up the entry of the installation path at nearly half of my plugins. There's an "/" instead of the "\" written... ???!!!??? (user referring to general update problems ?)
    2. Yes I tried it with West Africa and Middle East - BUT:   i had to restart PC because bevore everything was pretty messed up , these two plungins now have a black GUI in Komplete Kontrol -> so I really don't want to mess up the other five! (user responding to remove app with N.I. reg tool followed by re-install)


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