Cant relocate expansions/plugin for Maschine - Fresh install

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i have reinstalled my system with Windows 11

i managed to relocate all the plugins i needed like Stradivarius etc... "all is ok"

i have installed Komplete Kontrol, Kontact, Maschine on my c:/ "all is ok"

i have relocate all my plugins on my second external hard drive  "all is ok"

however I don't understand i can't relocate the expansions/plugin for Maschine 

i had downloaded 41 plugins out of 88 before formating/reset my computer, i know i can relocate them in the maschine application but for a matter of cleanliness i would like to relocate them from native acces Is this possible please? 

Thanks per advance

Explain screenshots 

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Expansions can’t be relocated at the moment. They said they are thinking about it


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