Multicontroller live setup help: Maschine MK3, KK A25, KK M32

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Hi follow musicians,

I've started while ago concept of live setup based on:

  • Maschine MK3
  • Komplete Kontrol A25
  • Komplete Kontrol M32
  • MBP M1 with just one standalone instance of Maschine and as a power source for all above
  • (future extension) Komplete Kontrol S88
  • Pioneer DJM900NXS2 as a output interface and 4 channel mixer/effector

and I find a little troubling configuration for 4 people not crossing each others instruments. Audio routing is not that problematic whatsoever but I cannot find the NI way of setting up control for each musicians instruments, changing presets or using independent arp instance.

I believe, as always, problem is in making false assumptions and lack of knowledge.

My ideal setup (please correct me if it's possible):

  • Maschine as an only DAW
  • 1st person at MK3 holding few banks and controlling performance (patterns + live)
  • 2nd person at A25 holding 1 bank with bass synths with full control of instruments, effect chain and arp (patterns + live)
  • 3rd person at M32 holding 1 bank with synths with full control of instruments, effect chain and arp (patterns + live)
  • 4th person at S88 holding 1 bank with Kontakt instruments with full control (live)

As I found there is no way of using Komplete Kontrol VST/AU inside Maschine SW (which probably would solve my issues but I guess there is architectural reason why it is unavailable).

All those efforts were about crossing out Ableton as DAW from live setup as a source of potential crashes and because I am not planning to use it for session/performance control. Using Push and other non-NI controllers is off the table. I am open to use Touch Designer as a base for quasi-DAW.

I really hope for your suggestions.


  • JesterMgee
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    Afraid to say, likely will not work for you.

    The KK keyboards do not like to work with more than one. While you can connect multiple leyboards they do not al;low you to select which ones can control what instance of KK and basically it all falls in a mess no matter how you do it. Certainly cannot select an instance of KK to browse from each one. I would look into a different solution if I were you.

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