Many EastWest Instruments won't load, the other ones do, but have unloadable doubles

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I installed a new EastWest Library and wanted to use it with Komplete Kontrol as well as my other EastWest Libraries, so I downloaded the NKS-Support for Opus. The result was that no EastWest-Instrment was loadable anymore. Oh, and I don't know if this is important, but all the pics, even those from NI Instruments were gone. So I installed the NKS-Support for Play, which removes the former (pics returned).

Now, about half of the EastWest Libraries still don't load, while the other ones have duplicates in the Komplete Kontrol browser which also don't load. When right-clicking and trying to find them in the Explorer, it just doesn't do anything, while the other file loads. Oh, and the EastWest Library that I wanted to work with Komplete Kontrol in the first place still doesn't even appear in the browser.

Please tell me what further information you need for me.

I'd be really grateful for any help...

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    Go to folder C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Komplete Kontrol and delete the file komplete.db3

    Open Komplete Kontrol and make a full re-scan of your library. This should fix the double entries.

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    Thank you so much, that fixed the problem!

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    Unfortunately one problem seems to persist anytime the EastWest Opus NKS installer is newly run (e.g. in case new EastWest libraries have been purchased in the meantime and need to be integrated into the NKS database as well):

    The EastWest Opus NKS installer WILL ALWAYS DELETE any user icons, meta data, category and color settings which you might have been working on for weeks! So better make a backup of all these before executing this Opus NKS installer, as it doesn't care about any "real" user data created by you. While NI-owned icons will not be affected, all other NKS User data will be for sure, including such from Freelance SoundLabs (or other 3rd party vendors), as they all need to be re-installed/re-applied afterwards.

    In fact, this is A HUGE BUG in the EastWest Opus NKS installer, as it should not touch any data which are not EastWest's business!

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