PROBLEM: Traktor Pro 3.9 not playing music at correct speed

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Recently updated to Traktor Pro 3.9, started playing around with some music and immediately noticed that the sound was being played slowed down 5% or so despite the pitch being set at 0. Anyone else hitting this issue? No settings have been changed within Traktor.

My setup for Traktor is a 2022 Mac Studio running macOS Ventura 13.5. No other audio apps are open at the time of playback.

This is very weird. Can't seem to figure out why it is doing this? Possible bug?



  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,260 mod


    have you checked audio output and audio device settings? Maybe you can make a picture and post it here.

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 198 Pro

    I don´t have a similar problem. I'm on 2021 M1Pro Mac and also Ventura.

    Like Uwe said, post a picture of the settings and maybe of the section with master/auto tempo.

    Just wild guessing:

    Did you check if sync or master/auto tempo settings have changed during the update?

    Do you use a controller or audio interface? Or does this happen with the Mac´s internal audio device?

    Did you try to re-analyze the songs?

  • Quade
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    I have been experiencing such behavior since 3.6 already but never really took interest in what was happening as it affected me very seldom, last weekend I experienced such slow behavior but it was briefly with a few tracks, then the speed would just be back to normal. Glitch In The Matrix I Guess.

    Thanks for bringing it up. I have not experienced such behavior while using Serato, but both Software tho I am experiencing like a 2/3 sec delay in track loading.

    Not sure what the issue is tho but it is HIGHLY ANNOYING & that delay causes lack of performance.

    Sooooo Yeah..... 🤷‍♂️ That Is Native Instruments for you.

    The new Rev5 has been released & I give Serato till Friday to release an update supporting the new hardware.

    With Traktor, it's months 😂

  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 176 Advisor

    I am running strictly stripped versions of Windows 11 on both machines. Even before removing bloatware from the OS, I have been experiencing this.

    Nothing to do with this new QS pass thing they got going on, it's all got to do with the development of the software & the neglect of the DJ's who use this software hearing what they are experiencing.

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