Native Access install-"please grant permission to Native Access to install dependencies"

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I was going to install Native Access on my computer, but I keep getting the message "please grant permission to Native Access to install dependencies". I'm on a Windows computer and the thing says 'Release:3.4.0'. I just started music producing as a hobby a month ago, so I don't even get what that means. Also, the reason I want to download Native Access is because I want to use the Kontakt library. So, if there's a more convenient way of doing so, please let me know. I've been dealing with this problem for the whole day now, watching tutorials, reading articles and stuff, but couldn't manage to fix it. Please help. (And pardon me if my English is a bit wacky, I live in South Korea)

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    Did you search the other discussions to see if some of them talk about windows?

    It’s not my comment, it’s from a NI employee. I didn’t have this problem since I’m still on NA1 until the mess of NA2 is fixed.

    Frankly, I would just follow the last suggestion he is giving and downgrade NA until all the problems are solved


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