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Dragging Midi Patterns into Pro Tools from Maschine

Dan Stone
Dan Stone Member Posts: 4 Member
edited August 2023 in Maschine

I'm using Maschine as a Pro Tools plugin. When I try to drag a groove pattern from Studio Drummer/AR/Damage or pretty much any instrument that has patterns onto a Pro Tools midi track it breaks Pro Tools. The meters move on the midi track with the pattern but the info is not getting the the channel with the Maschine's routed correctly. Furthermore trying to play any kind of midi through to Maschine also results in no info being received by the Maschine track even though it worked as it should before dragging the midi groove/pattern from the instrument inside Maschine into Pro Tools. If I change the instrument inside Maschine and then back to the one I want the midi signal then reaches Maschine and audio comes out. I've used the same instruments in Kontakt and the groove/pattern drag works as it should and doesn't break pro tools.

2021 M1 macbook pro

Pro tools 2023.3

Maschine 2.17.4


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @Dan Stone I'd like to try and reproduce the issue. Could you share a video of the issue or even a small PT project, zip them and post them it in here?

  • Dan Stone
    Dan Stone Member Posts: 4 Member

    Thanks for the help and your patience Jeremy. Sorry the video is kind of long with me noodling between maschine and pro tools.

    A:25-1:15 you can see the break after dragging midi from the instrument into pro audio out of the instrument. Followed by the fix which is switching the instrument in maschine back and forth. The same break happens when dragging the midi pattern out of Maschine. Which is demonstrated at 2:00.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @Dan Stone Thanks for the video. The drag & drop feature of Studio Drummer is supposed to be from the Kontakt plug-in to the DAW, in your case you are doing it with Kontakt inside Maschine inside Pro Tools. Can you try with Kontakt directly in Pro Tools? This way you should have more control over what's happening. Anyhow let us know how it works.

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