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Hi, I just wanted to map the loop in/out functions with the shift button and the deck select buttons on each deck.

Now, I setted two modifiers for left and right shift and mapped the deck select so they can loop in/out only when I hold the shift button.

But if I manual loop in deck A it also does it in deck C (same thing with deck B and D).

Any help is appreciated!

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    Generally, you will have to assign modifiers to (1) adjust when shift is pressed (so the mapping knows when to override the deck buttons with the loop commands) and to (2) adjust when you press the deck buttons without shift to indicate which deck is now active (so your loop commands have a way to identify which deck they should target).

    It's easier for me to make a mapping that does what you want and then you can go over it and see how it is structured, then it is to explain it in just words. Do you want me to cook one up for you? 🦋

    Edit: Well, i just went ahead and put together a working mapping. If you take a closer look you will see that all modifier assignments leave the override box unchecked so that the primary functions of the shift and deck buttons remain untouched. Only the LoopIN/OUT assignments override the deck switch functions so that you don't accidentally switch decks when setting the LoopIN/OUT markers.

    The basic structure in the form of the modifier assignments can be used as a skeleton for other Traktor functions you may want to map to your controller.

    • M1 = 0 ➔ Deck A
    • M1 = 1 ➔ Deck A +SHIFT
    • M1 = 4 ➔ Deck C
    • M1 = 5 ➔ Deck C +SHIFT
    • M2 corresponds to the right side (Deck B and D)

    This file has to replace the original S4Mk3 mapping file. Make sure you do not have two mapping active for your controller. 🦋


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