Is there any way to change deck color on Traktor S4 & S3?

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Hi, as the title of this post says, I just wanted to ask if there's any way to change the color of decks in my S4MK3.

Also, my partner has a S3 and wants to change the deck color when looping.

Any help is appreciated!

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  • Sunborn
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    Then, it is either on some other files, either they have removed that option.

    You have to open all relative files, one by one, to see where it might be.

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    This one?

    Edit: changing colour when looping is bit more work.

    For the S3

    '...\Native Instruments\Traktor Pro 3\Resources64\qml\CSI\S3\S3Deck.qml', line 18


     readonly property var deckColor: Helpers.colorForDeck(module.deckIdx)


    // readonly property var deckColor: Helpers.colorForDeck(module.deckIdx)
     readonly property var deckColor: loopActive.value ? Color.Green : Helpers.colorForDeck(module.deckIdx)

    For the S4

    '...\Native Instruments\Traktor Pro 3\Resources64\qml\CSI\S4\S4Deck.qml', line 22


     property var deckColor: Helpers.colorForDeck(deckIdx)


      // property var deckColor: Helpers.colorForDeck(deckIdx)
      property var deckColor: loopActive.value ? Color.Green : Helpers.colorForDeck(deckIdx)
      AppProperty { id: loopActive; path: "app.traktor.decks." + deckIdx + ".loop.is_in_active_loop" }

    Color.Green can also be any other colour, as per my previously posted link above.


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