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Okay so I have a couple of questions... I have a maschine mk3 and a native instruments komplete kontrol m32.. 

To be honest I've hardly touched them due to busy days, so I was thinking of selling the mk3, surely someone will put it to better use and its an expensive ornament... but keeping the kontrol 32 just to mess around with when I get time.... So if I sold the mk3 if I transferred the license over to someone upon selling would I still have sound packs to use with the keyboard? 

Does each license for the hardware have the certain packs linked to that license? 



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  • Blindeddie
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    Yes and Yes..This post should answer your question in more detail...see the section "Important note about software / hardware bundle"

    All you need to know about License Transfer 📚 — Native Instruments Community (

  • Kubrak
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    The link @Blindeddie mentioned explains all.

    I would stress: "In short, this means that the seller keeps the software that came with the hardware - and the new owner receives it as well."

    So, in your case, even if you sell MK3 the SW that came with it stays at your account (and buyer gets new licences). And you will be able to use it with keyboars.

  • Connieboy69
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    Okay thanks so much for your information... That's brilliant means I can still play with the keyboard...

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