Choir Omnia install (stuck?)

Anthony H
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Hi all

Anyone know what the install time for Choir Omnia is? I understand that it is a very, very large library but Native Access has been "installing" for 2 hours now and I suspect it's stuck.

I've seen other post about a stuck install but the rather convoluted manual workaround solutions are for Windows. I'm on macOS. I see the installer iso, with a pkg file. If I try run the pkg installer, I get a message "Waiting for other installations to complete." Native Access is closed.

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  • PoorFellow
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    Version of Native Access used ? Someone else reported yesterday that there were a new update for Apple silicon available without being notified.. Dunno if it's a problem with NA. but if it is then it might still require some more effort to get it to work !

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Anthony H Feel free to contact our Native Access specialists here, they can provide aletrnative installers if needed:

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