Traktor Kontrol S3 - Low Audio Output Problem



  • Quade
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    Good Morning @Yannick D

    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I am still using Exclusive mode for the S3 unit, I have checked the windows audio settings in that area & the problem remains the same unfortunately. I will however look into it again since the new Beta has been released as a test.

    Thank you again.

  • Snaper
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    Hi all:

    I´ve just purchased a new S3 wich comes with 1.0.7 firmware. Last version of traktor pro 3.

    The headphones sound is low as ...

    The firmware updater claims that there´s no newer version, but it shows version 0.20 to upgrade, so it says that my current version is newer.

    Is there a newer version than 1.0.7 ?

    Do we have news about this issue coming from Native? I can´t believe this could be a problem nowadays with new units.

    Thank you

  • Quade
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    Aye @Snaper

    Unfortunately NI will not be looking into this matter any further as their main focus is the Pattern Player. The S3 is being purchased by many users yet there is absolutely nothing done any further on this.

    The software itself is somehow becoming a huge problem.

    I had 2 gigs on Friday, the S3 refused completely to send out audio through the club's sound system, after struggling for a full 30min,i had to stop as there was nothing further I could do. I signed out from my profile on my laptop, restarted my laptop, removed the I/O, re-added, not even trying to play via the Aux cable connected directly to my laptop didn't work. Unplugged the S3 to test, absolutely no audio output, tried different mixer channels, tried different rca cables connected to the cd player, Nothing. Tried using the Asio4all driver, shared mode, exclusive mode.... NOTHING

    To my surprise when the next DJ arrived, I tried 1 last time, shut down my laptop, started up with the USB cable connected as usual to the S3, signed in, ran Traktor & boom, audio output, with a very very very low audio level as if the audio level was intentionally decreased. I ended up 1st turning up the club's channel volume to max, then gradually increased my master vol & I could audio but it was disgraceful to say. I ended up informing the owner I cannot perform due to hardware difficulty & ended up forfeiting that paycheck.

    I ended up at my 2nd Gig & the audio level was the same, I cannot recall what I then did as I was already pissed off with what I had just encountered & the audio output returned as before.

    To be honest, I have no further faith in this software development.

    I ended up using my Roland DJ 505 Serato for the reminder of my Weekend's Gigs I had been booked for.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    All the best going forward with this.

  • Carmy
    Carmy Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have a Traktor S3 controller and i am expetiencing issues with the sound. I sounds very low volume. Too low for a party. I am using a Soundboks speaker which is loud when I connect it to my iphone via bluetoth, but when connecting the S3 is sooo low.

    I want to raise a ticket to get this issue fixed. How do I do that? What else can i do?

    if the S3 have a sound issue they should say that in the information about the product. And customer can make the decisio if they want to buy a controller with a sound issue that is known but not fixed.



  • Quade
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    Good Afternoon @Carmy

    I has been a known issue for a very long time, I do not have hope that this issue will be addressed. However, I can Advice you to update the firmware using one of the links below (Depending on what you using Apple Mac or Windows)



  • Camilow DJ
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    I've just purchased my Traktor Kontrol S3 and I have the same issue. Software and firmware updated but the headphones volume is still low af. This is so frustrating.

  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 231 Advisor

    Unfortunately there's absolutely NOTHING being done further about this.

    The brand New X1 MK3 has its own audio driver.

    How wonderful hey.

    This Is Native Instruments Team tell us straight

    "Work With What We Provided You"

    The S3 will not be getting any further attention unfortunately so I am very sorry that you had purchased the unit. If it's still under warranty, return it & get yourself something more reliable & perhaps look at alternative DJ software to use.

    Traktor is not the way forward the way the Dev Team is going about rectifying issues the DJ's are currently experiencing with the software.

  • Quade
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    The S3 has been put on the shelves for purchase, knowing very well they messed up with the unit. Unfortunately I have not done enough homework on this unit, otherwise I would have purchased another controller that is not anywhere related to Traktor or Native Instruments in any way possible.

    The S3 was just a money making scheme & unfortunately for those of us who purchased this unit fell in that money trap.

    They will not be commenting on ANY threads that are related to the Traktor Kontrol S3.

    Anything else they are very very quick to respond to, as well for the new X1 MK3 which has been getting alot of attention & also it got it's very own audio driver.

    Very very disappointed in this forum & the team handling this.

    I would not recommend anyone looking into purchasing the S3 Controller at all. It will be a waist of your money.

    Rather just look at moving away from Traktor Pro completely & look towards other DJ software & their hardware.

  • VityaT
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    Today i've compare my S3 with latest firmware with S2mk1 and there is no difference in output level. Headphones output level on S3 even is a bit higher.

    Headphones - Technics RP-DJ1210. Both controllers were with external power supply.

    Traktor Pro 3.10. Windows 11 21H2. S3 WASAPI Exclusive

    Master output was tested on external mixer with input VU meters. No difference between S2mk1 and S3 as well.

  • Handan
    Handan Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    any update Native instruments?

    I have s2 kontrol - the main volume is extremely low, i created a ticket with NI support and has been one month still have no help

    what is the firmware update? what is the issue

    i have Maudio spreakers they work when connected to other audio source.. my Macbook pro M1 also has no problems. The issue is with S2

    i tested S2 with other speakers and laptop same issue.

    what to do/ help

  • Quade
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    Traktor Kontrol S2 Firmware Links

    Mac - (01.06.2022 Released)

    Win - (01.06.2022 Released)

    Asio Driver - (29.10.2018 Released)

    Traktor Kontrol S3 Firmware

    Mac - (01.06.2022 Released)

    Win - (01.06.2022 Released)

    NOTE!!!! No ASIO Driver Released For this unit.

    Sadly, The NI team will not be looking any further into either of these units. There focus is on the X1MK3 controller.

    This thread has gained momentum but they will no be addressing this again. I have given up on this team & the software. nothing useful presented to the users who use this software.

    Best Of Luck tho.

  • DJ Bone
    DJ Bone Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Has anyone has any luck with this issue in 2024?I just bought my S3 in December and main issue seems to be low headphones volume.

  • Quade
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    Not Going To Happen.

    No changes indicated the these new releases. Nowhere near the S3 being mentioned at All.

    It's something unfortunate we may have to live with I guess 🤷‍♂️

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