Komplete Kontrol won't update

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I've disabled all anti-virus and firewall. Native Access finishes and says installion was successful and then the Update button lights up again. The program will run natively but is no longer recognized in Studio One. Running Windows 11 and latest version of all programs mentioned. All other updates installed fine. Any suggestions to try?


  • Paule
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    Please start NA2 as admin. Mostly it helps you.

  • Terryorisms
    Terryorisms Member Posts: 3 Member

    I'd already tried that, tried reinstalling tried adding it to the firewall and Antivirus and turning the firewall off I'm running out of ideas

  • Terryorisms
    Terryorisms Member Posts: 3 Member

    Removed and reinstall complete control in Studio One and now at least it recognizes the midi from it. Still can't get the update button to go away even though it says that the installation was complete and successful. Also it shows today's date on the version that is installed. I guess I can live with this as long as it works.. hopefully the next version of native access will clear up this problem.

  • Rich_NI
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    Hi @Terryorisms

    Please restart your computer and Native Access.

    Does Komplete Kontrol still show as needing an update?

    If so, please go to the "Installed" tab in Native Access and check which version of Komplete Kontrol is installed.

    Does it match the version that is shown in the "Update" tab?

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