List of std. mp3 tags used by traktor (not PRIV section)?

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Hi guys,

i searching for list of all compatible mp3 standard tags supported by traktor - in an nutshell, the intersection with traktor pro and e.g. tools like mp3tag

This is what i found: Title, Release, Artist, Genre, Comment - i'm searching for more space to save more infos without diving into the PRIV section of traktor (could not be used by mp3tag). i want to use only native mp3 fields to store infos - does anybody find some more field that are edible in both tools?

Thx, guys



  • Sunborn
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    A lot more tags! I also use mp3tag. BPM, Key, Label, Cover, Year and more.

    Even Traktor analysis tags are available in mp3tag, in the "Extended tags"

  • Patch
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    edited July 2023

    These are the ones that are common between Traktor, and the .mp3 file itself. Not all of these show up in all software (Producer doesn't show up in iTunes, for example).

    I've been down the rabbit hole that you're about to go down, mate, and the pay off is just not there. You'll distract yourself from DJ'ing, and end up frustrated that things don't work the way you'd like them to.

    If I was starting out again, I would just store ALL of my non-standard information in the COMMENTS TAG for stuff that I want in the .mp3 and in Traktor, and, in COMMENT2 for the stuff that I just want in Traktor.

    Don't forget to turn on "Save all tags to file" in Traktor prefs.

  • JLuuuu
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    Hi guys, thx for the feedback.

    I also found these three fields i will make use of:

    TT = Remixer -> mp3tag = mixartist

    TT = Label -> mp3tag = publisher

    TT = Producer -> mp3tag = involvedpeople

    • comment2, catalog no., mix, album-interpret are not mapped
    • Lyrics is not well formated, will not use it ether


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