Toybox release new FREE modular blocks pack for Reaktor Player

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Hey Folks, just a heads up that we just released our latest pack for Reaktor & Reaktor Player and this one is completely FREE! :)

(This pack is for the Reaktor Community, it's completely free and also works with Reaktor Player - this seem the correct place for this post so hopefully this is OK :) )

Tangle Pack Lite

The pack is based on the highly regarded Tangle Pack and includes a suite of powerful blocks based on legendary Eurorack modules for advanced synthesis and sound creation.

Features include:

  • Great sounding and flexible Oscillators and Filters.
  • Powerful modulation blocks, including the Ramp Generator block, based on one half of the Make Noise 'Maths' function generator module.
  • A curated selection of 'Nano' utility blocks, updated and revised specially for the pack.
  • A flexible global snapshots system. Snapshots can be stored for each individual block or for the whole rack, then selected and morphed using the Snapshots block.
  • Updated Nano Sequencer blocks included for building generative sequences, arpeggiators or generating complex phrases. Multiple Sequencer Segment blocks can be daisy-chained for a ratcheting style step sequencer of any length. The Conditional block works using a similar idea to the ‘conditional trigs’ found in the Elektron series of groove boxes, great for organic evolving sequences.
  • Bleeding-edge dsp and analog modelling techniques.

We are also running our biggest ever sale on the Toybox website, with up to 60% off all packs.

More information here



  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 3,711 mod

    Amazing ! Thank you very much !

  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 1,327 Expert

    I got them both. Thanks David.

  • lofide
    lofide Member Posts: 4 Member

    Hello David,

    I have almost all excellent packages. But I noticed that I didn't find older packs like Designer Pack, Sampling Pack, Free Pack, Floor Shakers Pack on your website. Are these packages no longer available for purchase and possible support?

  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 3,711 mod

    Question :

    What happened to the Floor Shakers Pack?

    Answer :

    Temporarily hidden from the site while we wait for new serial numbers, if you need support for any of the packs just email via the website :)

    Source :

  • bolabo
    bolabo Member Posts: 97 Advisor

    Thanks, @PoorFellow, yes that's correct :)

    By the way, we are working on a new Audio Unit / VST3 synth for Mac and Windows (plus an AUv3 for iPad), it's a fun 'kick-oriented' mono-synth, with flexible multi segment envelopes and a fun glitchy wavetable engine that's great for heavy kicks as well as huge bass sounds and effects!

    If you would like to try out the beta version (for Desktop or iOS) drop us a message using the Toybox website contact form, here:


  • Andreu Naqui
    Andreu Naqui Member Posts: 33 Member

    Esta super bien

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez Member Posts: 2 Member


    Why won’t you bring all the modulars to IOS instead of wasting time on monosynth.

    You don’t get the appreciation deserved because it is really torturous to patch your blocks on the ancient Reaktor.

    Reaktor is a sinking ship that doesn’t bother to update.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia NKS User Library Mod Posts: 3,995 mod

    As I have the Tangle pack already I presume I don't need these?

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez Member Posts: 2 Member

    They are all great packs. I personally find nano packs limited as it is easier to patch form the editor and you couldn’t do much with a front patching. It is also hard to read these fonts in grey.

  • flixmux
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    edited August 2023

    Simply because there is nothing like Reaktor on iOS and will probably never be, because of security (dynamic code compilation) restrictions. This would also mean a completely new development, a heavy effort, on a new platform for them, with unclear perspective. And their bigger blocks take quite some CPU, that's why they sound great. They need all the beef from a desktop computer.

    Use miRack instead for a modular experience, it's great if you only need pre-made modules (like Reaktor blocks).

    Or for something more low-level and intricate, Audulus 4.

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