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I've had a problem with running an older version of Native Access ( on an older Mac running 10.11.6. Without getting into the details of the actual problem, I would like to lodge a public complaint concerning the fact that the support person (Nanni) suddenly declared the problem solved (it wasn't) and closed the case.

I then received a followup email from Nanni stating that "To comment or reopen the request, please reply to this email." I did, saying "Don't close the case. It's not solved." That was on May 17th. I received no reply. I then sent another email 10 days later . . . no reply to that one either.

This is not the right way to treat a customer. If there is a reason you don't want to work on this problem, just tell me, and tell me the reason you don't want to work on it. Don't lie to me saying it's solved.

I don't like doing things like this, but you left me no choice.



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    I get your frustration but N.I. want you to upgrade to N.A. 2 (V. 3.4.0) so you ought not expect them to want to solve problems with what they consider an obsolete version of N.A. . I only upgraded the other day myself because of previous problems upgrading, but this time it N.A. actually upgraded without any problems !

    Native Access 2 / 3 :   


    Also , if your hardware do not meet specifications to run the software then you ought not expect any support for that reason either.. That's just how things work , just saying.../telling you...

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    If they had simply said that these older versions of NA are "as is" and that they can't apply resources to correct a problem, I wouldn't like it, but I'd understand. But, it's bad form to blow people off with a lie and then ignore them.

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    You are absolutely right that N.I. ought to have told you straight out if that was what they meant.

    All I can say is that what you have experienced may have been an example of more or less standard interface responses and emails. You know, nothing more to do here (in N.I. opinion) , so case closed (permanently !) , and the "To comment or reopen the request, please reply to this email." email is another standard response procedure , which you are also right makes no sense if case is closed permanently, but it is most likely the 'polite standard response' for case closed , even if permanently closed...

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    Hey @tmpc I checked your ticket and it sounded like you were able to install the libraries already. The ticket was then marked as resolved because of this. Our support team only keep a ticket open if the problem persists and we can reproduce the issue. If you run into the same issue in the future, you're welcome to get in touch with us again.

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    Hi Kaiwan. Thanks for the reply, but you're doing the same thing that Nanni did. No, the problem isn't solved. It occurs every time I try to install a library on this computer. I keep telling you folks this, but you either don't understand what I'm saying or you just don't want to help me. If you don't understand, tell me what it is about this that doesn't make sense to you and I will try to explain it better. If it is that latter reason, be honest with me and tell me that you have no intention of helping me, and the reason for it.

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