Maschine as Audio-Interface - Problems

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Hi all,

Sometimes I want to use Maschine MK3 as a simple audio-interface on my MacBook Pro with Traktor 3 installed. In Traktor I can route the Master-Out-Channel to the Main-Output on my Maschine-Hardware and the Monitor-Channel to the Headphone-Output on Maschine. So everything work as expected - perfect for small DJ sessions :)

BUT: Even if I disable the monitor in Traktor, I always hear the Master-Out-Channel in my headphones! It's always there, no matter what I select in Traktor. It's a bit quieter, than the selected Monitor, but still clearly present. It seems, Maschine internal mixes the Main-Output to the Headphone-Output...?

I also tested with MacOS nativ Apps: same behavior. When I use Maschine Main-Out as a simple soundcard for MacOS, the same signal also comes out of the headphones.

Is this bug - or feature? Or normal? Or am I doing something wrong?


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