N.A. 2 (V.3.4) goes white screen

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After installing Native Access version 2 (or version 3.4 ? download page says version 2 and file version says 3.4) then I had 6 updates.

After some watching the extremely annoying install indicator then the Maschine 2 Essentials Update said failed. When everything else had downloaded I then clicked to get some info and no info as to why the update had failed were given. And I am sitting there thinking WHAT ? , no info of why it failed ? , no error error code no nothing ?

So I clicked on text that says failed and I think that I clicked some more (might have included fast/double clicking also) to the left on same item (Maschine 2 Essentials Update failed) , and all it earned me were that suddenly the Native Access interface turned completely white ! All menus could still be opened and app could be minimized and maximized but interface stayed as a white surface and nothing else. So , I am reporting this as a bug (including screenshot) while I at the same time gives the "feature request" to let people be able to get information as to why an update has failed.

Incidentally after a reboot of Native Access then I managed to install the Maschine 2 Essentials Update without any hiccups - leaving me just even more confused as to why there were a problem in the first place.... My internet is definitely not a bottleneck since it's a 1000 Mbit line subscription that I have.

Anyway , I am just reporting a bug and do not otherwise have any problem in connection with that bug since the download were completed second time around !


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