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Does someone have a recommendation for a slider controller to pair with maschine? Studio logic mixface sl looks versatile but doesn't list builtin support for maschine. There is a novation one too launch control xl? Ni jamz used?

I am using or starting to get back into mkii version with 2.x software. Roland fp-90 as a keyboard controller (hopefully it will be good enough for applications that are not "live").

I am having trouble getting the mkii and 2.x software recognize the Bluetooth midi from the fp90. It is recognizing the Bluetooth audio output though (which is a nice option for low touch / quick workshopping). I am wondering if that is fp90 related or a sign that Bluetooth midi not being compatible... it will impact slider options though.


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    Hello :-)

    A note about Bluetooth:

    Bluetooth + serious Audio Production (or professional DJing) = No, no no.

    Because to enable data to pass from one device to another, Bluetooth relies on SBC (low complexity subband coding) compression to 'fit' your music through the technology's imaginary 'thin pipes', which resulting in less detail heard in your music. This doesn't sound great for true music lovers. Bluetooth can not deliver high resolution audio. So, it is best to avoid it with any cost.

    About Controllers: There are a lot of good choices out there, however, since you use Maschine, a Native Instruments controller is, by definition, a better choice. But if your goal is to just have extra sliders i suggest the Mixface, rather than the Novation, even better as a combination with a good NI Controller.

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    I understand the Bluetooth encoding and compression for audio. My background is in software engineering and have dug into audio specs prior. It is an amazing convenience though and nice for quick playback without needing to boot/launch everything.

    @Sunborn are there limitations for Bluetooth on midi though? Those packets should be small enough to fit whatever midi I would sequence onto the bandwidth. Assuming 900kbs = 112 bytes allows for ~40 simultaneous 3 bytes messages. So in theory if you are using Bluetooth midi to send to maschine software, there should be enough bandwidth to stream whatever my hands are capable with on the keyboard. But 1. I can't get the midi Bluetooth to work and 2. That's just in theory... I ordered some cabling and Bluetooth hub for older cabling. The blue tooth midi is just a convenience thing.

    I don't think I am in the market for a full sized (keyboard) controller with sliders (yet). Trying to see how far my old gear can get me. So limiting to sliders...

    <thank you>

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    Awesome article- thx :)

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    The Jam probably makes the most sense. I bought it end of last year almost new from a store, payed probably too much for it but it just works well with Maschine as it does with Ableton Live as well - which is another + for the Jam. I wonder if the Korg nanoKontrollers work but I believe they need a driver. Have to try that out one day.

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