How to change the path to samples in a Group in bulk rather than per sample

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Im am trying to get this Plugin to work in Maschine 2.17.4

It comes supplied with the Group mxgrp files alongside all the individual samples. I have added the containing folder with a custom path in Library/User and rescanned yet on loading the group I am always presented with an error message which seems to be trying to load the samples from the original path from when the group was first by the creator of the plugin. See the error below - I dont have a F: drive.

I know that I can specify the folder for each sample individually using the Locate button but wanted to know if there is a way to do a "batch" locate to update the group for all the samples in that group?

It feels like I am missing something and there should be an easy way to do this - is there?


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  • Jadent
    Jadent Member Posts: 8 Member
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    Actually after removing the entry from Library/User and re-adding it again it has now worked and has updated all the paths after I gave it the first one in response to the missing sample dialog. So problem now solved 😁


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