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This is extremely annoying. I upgraded my ultimate collector's edition and got a new PC. Everything was lovely until download began. I haven't been downloading all time, because I move from place to place, but after 2 weeks, I can't finish downloading. I don't have a very fast internet speed (50gb), but NI is downloading at 1 gb max. And nothing to do with bad connection, firewalls, or any other thing. I downloaded Steinberg Cubase pro and 300 gb from Daz Studio (3D software), and it took 2 hours. I remembered on my last PC, I downloaded all content in a day. Now it takes 5 hours to download the larger 70gb files, and 2-3 hours for the 20-30 gb. It's a disgrace that NI can't have a decent way to download its content. I'm in Mexico, and that's why they probably don't care.



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    Did you change your DNS to google or cloudflare vs your local isp?

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    Could it be because of a proxy server?

    My Native Access Downloads Are Taking Too Long

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    I have the same issue - and it seems many do. Have run through that trouble-shooting page and none of it is applicable here. The download is simply trickling in at an unacceptably slow rate.

    I'm on a 40Mbps fibre connection, and the estimated download time on ONE LIBRARY, 20gb, is at 100 hours! I have the Komplete 14 Collectors edition, which has well over 200 products. This single library is only 2% of the (supposed) 1TB size of Komplete. At this rate, I'll be looking at FIVE THOUSAND HOURS just to download the installers for the collection.

    Changing DNS to google didn't make a dent.

    What are we supposed to do??

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    Maybe complain in social media, especially in all their advertisings. In my experience with other companies, that works far better than opening a ticket in support.

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    This issue is absolutely Native Instruments download servers. I'm on a new win11 Surface (fastest they make) with Intel i7 3.4GHZ (faster), 32gb RAM, Thunderbolt 4 at 40gbs to a dock doing USB 3.2 2x2 @ 20gbs to a Samsung SSD with writes speeds of 2000mbs. I started the Komplete 14 Ultimate downloading all over 12 hours ago and I'm nowhere near done. Performance Manager shows the following stats:

    4% processor util

    Processor speed 1.4ghz to 3.4 (Base speed 2.60GHZ)

    Cores: 10

    Logical Processors: 12

    Processes: 257 Threads: 3714 Handles: 137617

    RAM: In use 13gb Avail RAM: 18.7 RAM Speed: 5200 MHZ

    Disk 1 (Samsung SSD where I'm writing): Active Time: 85% ave response: 428MHZ WRITE SPEED: 8mbs

    Testing downloads from other vendors is honking fast. Notice the write speed?

    Well WIFI is currently RECEIVING a range of 6mbs to a high of 67mbs (I average 600mbs on other sites).

    This is why everything is so slow.

    Its not our ISP - NI has turtle throughput on their side.

    Which is not what I expect after spending what I did for this software.

    So folks with slower internet speeds - OMG!

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