There is no edit button in my Reaktor.

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I just bought the basic Komplete, I loaded Reaktor, both as a stand-alone and a plug in for Logic Pro. I can’t get any sound from my keyboard. Which is stupid. Every other plug in I have just loads and plays. But NI had to go and make everything difficult. Anyhow, I looked up how to fix it and it says to go up to the edit button next to the magnifying glass at the top left. But there is no edit button there where it should be, So I can’t change my MIDI channels & therefore can’t get any sound. When I load it as a plug in, there is like a floppy disk with a sign that says “Host” and an arrow on the bottom of the host sign pointing left toward the floppy disk. There is no “Edit” button to n either standalone or plugged into Logic Pro. I don’t understand why it would not be there. Also, the “Play” Button is unclickable. I try to click Play and it does nothing! Please help.


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    I just start vstHost and paste Monark inside Reaktor 6.5.

    How do you work, copy and paste?

    In Reaktor Player there is no Edit button. Do you own the full Reaktor version?


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