Move my NI library or start from scratch??

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Hey Guys,

Its been 4 years since I've done anything with my home studio. I have had complete since version 6 and I think the last one I had was ultimate 12 so I have all my complete library on my sound drive including some of the older instruments libraries..

So my question is should I drag this to a mac formatted drive as I'm moving from PC to mac will it save me time, or should I just go from scratch after upgrading the latest komplete ultimate ?

Would I be missing or losing anything going from scratch, what would you do lol?

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    Moving files from PC to a MAC formatted drive is not as simple as Drag And Drop as you cannot access a MAC formatted drive from PC. Here is an article on that subject...I would give it a read.

    How to Transfer Files from Windows PC to MAC in 2022 (

    As far as things you could move, it would only be Library Content only and then use Native Access to locate that content on the new computer (article below on that), you would still be required to do a fresh install of Apps and Plugins (Kontakt, Reaktor, any synths, Guitar rig etc.) as native PC. EXE's will not work on Mac. Granted the installers for these apps/programs are much smaller than Libraries.

    Reinstalling a KOMPLETE Bundle Without Re-Downloading KONTAKT Libraries – Native Instruments (

    ultimately the choice is yours and whichever rout you go...Good LucK!!!

  • Blindeddie
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    Yes, moving instead of reinstalling libraries would save lots of time... from what you have said, it appears like you know what you are doing as far as computers go so that is a huge plus👍️. Again, Good luck with the move!!!


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