Unresponsive Deck D usually after an hour

tac0cat Member Posts: 21 Member

After about an hour of playing between Decks C and D I’ll get this problem sometimes but often enough it drives me crazy. This happened both on my S8 and S4 mk3. Deck D is unresponsive on both the controller and within the software. The play button is green but no waveform, no movement, no output, even when I hit cue points it doesn’t go to that part of the song. The only way to fix is to shut down and restart. I can’t figure out why it happens because it’s not every gig.

There’s no effect triggered, that’s what it feels like is something is holding the track back. I tried alternating between jog and tt mode, adding a different track, and it’s only on Deck D that it gets stuck. I’m on a m1 14” and Traktor is the only program opened

What am I missing?



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