Lag with DVS & Timecode on Traktor for Macbook M1

Rajiv Cassie
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I am using a Pioneer DJM-850 which is Traktor certified with timecodes.

As soon as I press play for the calibration to begin, it calibrates as normal - but there is a huge delay between what I do on the CDJs and what happens in Traktor.

For example, if I have to scratch forward on the CDJ, it takes a second for it to scratch forward within Traktor.

However, after about 30 seconds, it then begins to work normally and everything is instantaneous.

I don't believe this is an issue with Traktor 3.9 specifically as I have tried Traktor 3.4.2 via Rosetta on my M1 MacBook and the exact same thing happens.

It is an issue with Timecode only, because I connected my S2 MK2 and everything worked instantly from the get go.

There seems to just be a delay between Traktor and the mixer for thr first 30 seconds before it starts working normally.

Any help or tips regarding this would be highly appreciated.


DVS is no longer working at all on the M1 Pro MacBook. I didnt change any settings. All I did was unplug the mixer from the macbook and when I tried again it picks up that the mixer is connected but doesn't calibrate at all.

I assumed that it may have been my mixer that's the problem. However, when I play a song internally on Traktor, it does send audio to the mixer. It's just not receiving the timecode signal in order for it to calibrate.

I also tried connecting my Audio 6 and I'm having the same problem. The audio 6 is receiving the timecode signal, but Traktor is not picking up the signal in order for it to calibrate.

I have a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro as well which is running Traktor 3.4.2 - everything works perfectly on it.



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