Komplete purchase with no product received after 6 days

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I purchased the Komplete Ultimate 14 update on the NI web shop on 5/29/2023 and have not received it yet in my downloads. My bank account was charged on 5/30/2023. I have sent in 3 support tickets so far with no response. My 1st support ticket on 5/29/2023, I was asking if I could change my purchase to the Collector’s edition and pay the extra $100, but there was no response. My other 2 tickets were about the sale still saying Processing even though I was already charged. I currently own Komplete Ultimate 13 and have been a Komplete owner since version 7. This is so unacceptable. Can someone please help me with this?


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    Komplete Ultimate 14 as many other NI software are download through Native Access.

    Do you have it installed?

    Check your NI account, if Komplete Ultimate 14 appears there, then it should be available on Native Access too, for you to download it.

  • alberti1
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    Hi Sunborn, thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I have Native Access installed and there is no Kontakt 7 or anything else that was included in Ultimate 14. When I check My Registered Products, there is no listing for Komplete 14 Ultimate Update. Another thing is that in my order history, it says the Status is "In Progress", which is crazy since I was charged 5 days ago.

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    Well, better late than never. They finally fixed the issue. I’m not very happy with the customer support, and I’ll definitely go through a 3rd party before ever using NI’s web store again.  

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