NA2 on 4K iMac 21" with scaled resolution

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Hey, the new UI is pretty sweet! Much more enjoyable to navigate too. Here’s the screen size on a 4k scaled display.

  • Native Access 2 window initially does not fit screen and only displays correctly when switched to full screen mode.
  • Native Access 1 displays correctly, the window size is adjustable.

My 4K iMac 21” with scaled res seemed to cause some issues, with displaying some 3rd party plugins like Animoog Z Synthesizer on Maschine, as mentioned in my other discussion.



  • chk071
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    It's the same on Windows.

    I've been requesting saving the last window state since the very beginning. It's very easy to implement that programmatically, but, the devs don't seem to want to, for some reason I can't comprehend. Maybe they think it's fun to resize the window every time you load the program, or whatever floats their boat. 😉

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