Why Can't Native Access Find Applications and Content Already Installed?

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Because instruments, plugins, and applications can take up multiple terabytes of space, I try to use a secondary hard drive (one not used for the operating system or personal data) so that if I have to replace the primary drive and/or reinstall Windows, I don't have to spend hours upon hours using up expensive bandwidth to reinstall everything from Native Instruments. When I install Native Access, I immediately choose folders in my secondary drive for installing NI Applications, Content, VST 32bit, and VST 64bit. My hope is that when I refresh Native Access or even reboot my computer, Native Access will look in the custom destination folders for everything I already have installed. This method works with other companies like EastWest and 8Dio, but this tends to be a headache with Native Instruments either because it's not supported, or I'm doing something wrong.

When I've logged into Native Access, and I click on the "3 horizontal dots" button for an instrument like Abbey Road 60's Drummer, I can click the "Locate" button and navigate it to the one specific to that instrument, and it confirms this action properly. It's time consuming to do this for each individual instrument rather than just have Native Access search for the appropriate data in the Content folder I specified for installation. Is this a feature than NI can add in the future, or am I not doing this right?

Additionally, applications like Absynth 5 or Battery 4 in Native Access don't provide the option to locate the installation, meaning I have to reinstall it, and overwrite what is already there. Same question: is this a feature NI can add, or am I doing this wrong?

If these are not features available through Native Access, do I need to create a new post under New Ideas to request them?

Please advise. Thank you.


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    You are doing it correctly. No “auto locate” feature is present in NA at the moment.

    And when it comes to applications and not libraries, reinstalling them is almost due, since applications don’t install files only in their folders but create also links here and there on the computer. Luckily they are not heavyweight champions like libraries

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