Native Access claiming it needs 186G of free space to install Kontakt 7 Factory Library

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Has anyone else seen an issue like this with Native Access? I'm trying install the 36G Kontakt Factory Library and it fails and next time I try to install it tells me it needs more free disk space. It started saying it needed 60 somthing gigs of free space after the first error. Then I tried to install again and it said it needed 120 something of free space. This latest failure it said it needed 186G of free space. Not sure why it would say that but this sucks because I don't have the fastest internet and it will get about halfway done downloading after about 12 hours and then I get the error. I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to download it. I'm on Windows 10 and have never had any issues like this with NI stuff in 7+ years of using it. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


  • Karm
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    Have you took a look into the Download Folder? Was anything downloaded at all?

    Have you started multiple downloads at once, or just the Kontakt Factory Library?

  • sean8877
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    No I was only downloading the Kontakt Factory library. There is a ".ico" file in the download folder that is about 36G in size even though the download failed halfway through and is starting over from the beginning again.

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    All NI downloads require "temporary" drive space to store the installer *.ICO AND enough drive space to expand and install the files (assuming they are going on the same drive/partition). So if the DL says it needs 36Gb, it is safe to assume that TWICE that amount of free disk space needs to be available.

    The installer *.ICO will generally be automatically deleted in moments after the installation of the files is successful, freeing up that drive space.

    If there are existing 'partial' ICO's for your target in your download location, I recommend trashing them, reboot to flush memory, and then try the DL/Install again.

  • sean8877
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    Thanks for the info, I'll check if there are other ICOs and follow those instructions.

  • sean8877
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    I removed all ICO files and rebooted, it is telling me I need 186G of free space still to install the 36G factory library. Does anyone have any insight into the issue? Thanks.

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