What's UP with Maschine plus updates (and not bug fixes )

MANBehindTheMachines Member Posts: 15 Member

Are maschine plus improvments totaly abandonned or can we expect new functionalities in near future ?



  • Mutis
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    Maybe Stickers?

  • AdelV
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    NI's Employees are working on version 1.5 of Maschine Plus. We need to be patient. I myself am also very much looking forward to the newer version of the software, but I have it in my mind that stability is what matters. Let's hope this one is at a high level.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Well…if they do a kind of stickers that look like combo XLR/jack inputs I could glue them to the back, lie to myself and think they even improved the hardware side of it 😂😂😂

  • olafmol
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    Just wait for another survey from NI. That will keep the masses quiet for some time again ;)

  • ozon
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  • Mutis
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    Push3 with upgradeable cpu board…

  • MANBehindTheMachines
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    Ableton IS breaking thé market with this monster

  • MaikR
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    Yep… and the workflow as I suggested before in reply to a post on Maschine+ improvements (old forum?):

    ”The real bonus lies in what Ableton calls ‘continuity’, which is how easy it is to transfer projects between standalone and desktop. 

    Push comes with Wi-Fi, which is used to authorise the standalone version and allows users to download Packs from their Ableton account. When connected to the same network as a computer, Push will appear in Live’s browser on desktop, allowing users to seamlessly transfer Sets, samples and presets bi-directionally. 

    Obviously, the lack of third-party plugins on the hardware causes some compatibility issues, but by freezing any tracks using these devices and using ‘Collect all and save’, Push will import any frozen tracks as audio clips.”

    Source: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/ableton-push-3

    This is exactly what is missing with the so-called integration of the NI hardware and software. No ***** export and copy-paste transfer from and to a SD card, but wire(less) transfer including bouncing incompatible instruments / patterns. Really working standalone and continue on desktop afterwards.

    I really hope NI can level up with the 1.5 update… otherwise… well, never mind.

  • OhulahanBass
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    Full MPE and a battery too! Wow, the Push looks amazing, I could see myself getting one in a year or two depending on how the release goes.

    Maschine can’t even aftertouch or edit automation! I too hope Maschine levels up with the next release.

    I wish NI would at least give a road map.

  • DoverBeach
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    This. Destroyed. I'm so glad that now companies have to stop fooling us.

  • GoliatGar
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    automation editing please!

    It was a really promising machine when it got launched almost 3 years ago but we got somehow abandoned. Even Roland is in version 3 in their SP404MK2 launching at almost the same time, come on NI.

    Maybe someone jumps in like "they've been busy with VST3 and Apple Silicon". However, the community feels abandoned after buying a 1.200euros gadget even accepting the lack of internal battery, because the Machine workflow is just amazing. But this situation is not paying back at all.

    Sad, sad, sad :(

  • Mutis
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    Well competition hadn’t lay off and brand/business merging…

  • enz0
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    i really hope it’s more than this but this prediction is in line with what I’ve come to expect

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