Does Anyone Know Why The Native Instruments X1 Only Shows Midi Input Sometimes?

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Hi all,

I use (when it plays ball) my NI Kontrol X1 as a midi controller because the knobs are more responsive than others I have built into midi keyboards, and I use it as an MPC for a drum rack too. The only issue is, is that it doesn't always connect.

When I open the NI control editor, it is connected (see image below):

The problem is, is that Ableton does not always recognise it. It always happens, when I want to record some automation. I then have to restart my MacBook and it just loses the flow. What am I doing wrong? This is how I have my preferences and the sync button on or off makes no difference (see below):

Please can someone help? I have asked in the Ableton Reddit Forum, but nothing.

Thanks in advance.



  • Stevan
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    This needs more info. Does the unit works normally with Traktor and did you already try a different cable/port on your computer?

  • jstorr
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    Hi Stevan,

    Thank you so much for your response. What extra information do you require and I can try and provide this?

    Yeah, the unit works with Traktor and sometimes in Ableton. The midi connection is live and is picked up, it just seems that Ableton is temperamental with it. I have also tried different USB cables and ports.

    To be honest, it is baffling my head, the fact it works and then doesn't.

  • Stevan
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    Info like what you already tried to do so far and what os version do you have installed on your mac.

    Since it works normally inside Traktor, connect it to a different midi cappable app (such as midi-ox or pocket midi to monitor signals sent from the unit)

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