Curve Input to Control Shaper Module

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Are there any examples or tutorials for how to supply inputs to the Control Shaper module via a graphical curve?

Specifically for the 3 BP version of the module where you need 5 points to create the slope, it would be much easier to have a breakpoint envelope similar to Max's [function] object... is there any way to do this?



  • Paule
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    Something like that? From the ADSR Block by NI

    or that?

    It's taken from Stremel out of the user library

  • colB
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    In general you would generate the curve mathematically, then use that to create the inputs and to derive the graphical representation.

    If you already have the math to produce a curve, why would you need the control shaper at all? why not just use your curve directly?

    I have no idea how something in Max works, maybe if you explained it with a bit more detail ;)

  • srs
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    Thanks both. I don't have the math to produce the curve, rather I'm looking for a way to create this using a graphic interface. The Max [function] object works like a breakpoint envelope but it can map an input value to an output value - ie. like a transfer function.

    I'm mapping inputs to outputs to scale values like pressure input from a physical device to midi cc values. Similar to how Logic's scaling curves for Smart Control automation work (screenshots attached)

    After looking around, it doesn't seem like Reaktor has anything pre-built for this and it would require some custom mouse area and multi picture combo. The 3 BP version of Control Shaper is good enough but if a proper breakpoint function envelope existed, I'd def use it.]

    edit: I think that Curve.mdl gets pretty close to what I need and is the best starting point for further experiments, thanks Paule!

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