LOADING ISSUE - Error constantly showing up

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Error Message:

Plug-in/preset could not be loaded, as it may not yet support apple silicon or VST to VST3 migration. For more information please visit: support,native-instruments.com

How can i disable the ones that are not supported so I don't waste so much time? And anyone know when they wil be apple silicon compatible?

Any help appreciated. Thank you. - Arty


  • Uwe303
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    Do you try to open an older projecth, have you tried to start your DAW with rosetta, and replace the instrument with the vst3 version manually (yes annoying), then you should be able to open the project without rosetta. Cubase, as far as I know, can do that automatically, so it's up to the DAW development to implement vst2 to vst3 port.

    Or are you trying to open just a preset from kk browser?

  • JesterMgee
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    If the plugins are 3rd party, you would need to ask the developers for a version that is AS compatible (ifd it exists). Even this will not work because you need to then replace that with the non-working one which as suggested, requires you to run in Rosetta mode, load your project then swap out the old VST2 based one with the newer VST3 based one for any plugins that do not auto-migrate from VST2 to VST3 (which is 99% of them)

    Just the joys of running macOS iin the modern day really, not a fault of NI or developers, tho devs could make this much easier if they paid attention to the VST SDK properly for making their plugins migratable, alas many either have no clue or really dont care all that much but this is something you need to really wrap your head around and understand to avoid losing past work.

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